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Creating a website is essential to promote your business online: but you already know what is best for you? There are many tools on the market that allow you to build a website without the help of a programmer or a cousin: the site builder.

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The Shopify alternative

84% savings guaranteed

Flazio offers an "all-in-one" package to create and easily manage your web site.

Flazio stands out from the competition for the quality of its technical support and for its affordable prices. @ all right reserved 2018

The shopify alternative 

12 Good Reasons to start using Flazio

​Custom domain
Not included​
Free forever
All domain extension
Available for free
Hosting (web space)
Bandwidth (speed)
Unlimited forever
Unlimited forever
5 E-mail with 25GB of space
Available by paying extra fee.Each mailbox costs€ 40/year, VAT Excluded.The cost for 5 boxes of mail is€ 200/year, VAT Excluded
Free forever
Shopify get from 0,5% to 2% extra fees for each order on your products.
Included free forever
Server(server speed affects the rankingon google)
Based on standard server
Flazio uses the Google server
Code approved by W3C(w3c validation affects the ranking on google)
The websites do not pass the W3C validation.
All the websites generated with the  Flazio meet W3C' standards.​
Not available. It is necessary to duplicatepages, making it impossible to keep updated your website.
An advanced translation system allows you to easily manage up to 25 languages.
Automatic translation
Not available
Flazio automatically translates the entire website with just one click.
Facebook Sync
Not available
Available for all content posts, videos, and photos.
Support channels
E-mail, Phone and Chat

Total cost of service

+81.15€ (website)

+0€ (e-mail)

+0€ (domain)

= 81.15€/year, VAT excluded

99€ VAT included

+348€ (website)

+200€ (e-mail)

+15€ (domain)

= 563€/year, VAT excluded

686.86€ VAT included

Including all the standard features for a complete and professional website: custom domain, 5 email accounts, unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth.

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The prices shown refer to the prices inside the official websites on 01/12/2017

Transferring your website is simple

Our technicians will assist you during the whole process.

You will keep the same content, the same domain and the same email addresses.


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